Archivarix CMS

editor for restored websites

What is Archivarix CMS

Archivarix CMS is a free compact open source CMS specially made for our Wayback Machine Downloader and Website Downloader tools. The system works on SQLite and contains only one small php file. You do not need to create SQL database or configure something for it. Just upload the file and start working.

Advantages of our CMS:

  • High speed - Because of HTML, CSS, JAVA and images optimization Archivarix CMS works much faster than many others. It has a positive effect on site indexing by search engines.
  • Portability - just 1 file! No need to create databases or accounts, the system works immediately after uploading to the server.
  • Functionality - With Archivarix CMS you can edit website content in the WYSIWYG editor, create and delete pages, search and replace by regular expression, add your own scripts and images.
  • And also our CMS can work together with any other CMS (like Wordpress, Drupal etc.) on one website.
  • Flexibility - Ability to convert any website running on any CMS or even made in plain HTML in Archivarix CMS.



- support for IDN domains;
- support for URLs with incorrect symbols when decoded;
- adaptive design improvements;


- search within URLs and make replaces including regex support;
- new ACMS_PURGE_HISTORY to clean and disable history;
- additional code improvements;
- translation fixes;
- updated components from CDN;
- improved support for subdomains;


- Search & Replace multiline support;
- small bugfixes and code improvements;


- default interface locale based on your browser Accept-Language header;
- external URLs support in Redirect value;
- Search & Replace in other text formats (js, css, txt, json, xml);
- create new URLs with different mime-types directly from CMS without cloning;
- new Stats section with charts;
- alert for legacy SQLite versions;
- first stage implementation for our new 'Missing URLs' feature;


- code improvements to work on servers with short_open_tag disabled in PHP;
- simplified and more intuitive password setup (just set ACMS_PASSWORD value);
- new ACMS_LEAN_MODE to disable left tree menu for huge restores (drastically saves memory);
- new ACMS_MATCHES_LIMIT to limit results for Search and Replace (saves memory, does not slow down browser);


- improved support for SQLite older than 3.8.3;


- more support for old and rare charsets;


- a tiny fix for ACMS_LOGIN_PAGE = 1;


- custom password support: ACMS_LOGIN_PAGE = 'mypassword';
- detect missing mbstring that is required for Search & Replace;


- just an English localization fix;


- first public release version;
- total count of pages and matches in Search & Replace;
- video Tutorial in Russian language;
- increased memory_limit;


- roll back and purge selected backups;
- better unicode support in Search & Replace;


- sub-domains support;
- custom domain setting;
- default sort in History section;
- no red "IP restriction" message if login page is enabled;