How to restore websites from the Web Archive - Part 3

Choosing “BEFORE” limit when restoring websites from web archive

Last time we spoke about how to prepare a domain for restoring and how to open indexing through robots.txt. Today you will learn how to choose the date of a fully functional version of the old site from web archive.

How to restore websites from the Web Archive - Part 2

In the previous article we examined operation, and in this article we will talk about a very important stage of site restoring from web archive that relates to domain preparation for restoring. This step gives confidence that you will restore the maximum content on your site.

How to restore websites from the Web Archive - Part 1

Web Archive Interface: Instructions for the Summary, Explore, and Site map tools.

In this article we will talk about web.archive itself and how it works.

How to transfer content from the Wayback Machine ( to Wordpress?

By using the “Extract structured content” option you can easily make a Wordpress blog both from the site found on the Web Archive and from any other site. To do this, firstly find the source site and then in the Restore A Website or Download A Website tool check the option "Extract structured content". Enter your options ( email, timestamps, etc. ) and start downloading.

How does Archivarix work?

The Archivarix system is designed to download and restore sites that are no longer accessible from Web Archive, and those that are currently online. This is the main difference from the rest of “downloaders” and “site parsers”. Archivarix goal is not only to download, but also to restore the website in a form that it will be accessible on your server.

Let's start with the module that downloads websites from Web Archive. These are virtual servers located in California. Their location was chosen in such a way as to obtain the maximum possible connection speed with the Web Archive itself, because its servers are located in San Francisco. After entering data in the appropriate field on the module’s page, it takes a screenshot of the archived website and addresses the Web Archive API to request a list of files contained on the specified recovery date